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Everything the One Bread Foundation does is focused on one goal: the sustained well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable.  

100% of the funds we raise online through our participation in various affiliate programs get donated to rehabilitate teens and children rescued from sex trafficking.  



One Bread Foundation advocates, raises awareness, and provides monetary support for the rehabilitation of child victims of sex trafficking in the United States.



One Bread Foundation's focus is to raise funds online for children who have become victims of sex trafficking in this country. And, we partner with other organizations and programs designed to address the children’s rehabilitation needs and to ensure that children’s well-being is sustained for the long-term. We work to empower communities, families and children through Community Awareness Programs.



We live them every day.

First, by being ADVOCATES for these children who have become unwilling victims. This includes, but is not limited to lobbying for new laws and mandatory criminal sentences.

Second, by EDUCATING others about this hideous problem and the recent growth of Sex Trafficking of Children within the United States.

Finally, by collaboration. We actively seek to COLLABORATE with stakeholders (e.g., Church Leadership, Community Leaders, Lawmakers, Law Enforcement, Parents, Rehabilitation Service Providers and Schools to find long-term solutions to the challenges related to Sex Trafficking of Children.

Our founders came from a background of mentoring and helping local kids in the Bay Area.  When they founded the One Bread Foundation, Inc. they did so based on years of seeing recurring problems and their own personal values.  These values continue to shape our choices, our attitudes, and our actions. 

We didn't want to wait for the government to solve these problems, nor rely on social programs or entitlements, we wanted a way that we could immediately help children in need and provide an easy way for others to lend their support.  Specifically, by not becoming another charitable organization requesting a donation.

Don't miss this opportunity to bring help, hope and healing to children in need.

Join us in helping make a difference!  It starts by simply shopping on Amazon, Groupon or from our Shop Now page - when you launch the shopping experience from our website.

EXAMPLE: It’s simple, just look for the familiar Amazon button and click – and remember 100% of the advertising fees we earn go to help children.