Every year, over 1.2 million children worldwide are bought and sold by child sex traffickers*, where they are abused, sexually assaulted and denied basic human rights. Our Team is working to raise funds (through online retail sales) to rehabilitate victims of trafficking so that they are safe, supported, and have the opportunity to rebuild. Stand with us and protect every child's right to a happy childhood.


Kids should not be sold into slavery, yet this is happening every day. 
Yes, right here in the United States!  

This needs to stop! Will you help us? 

As anti-human trafficking advocates, One Bread Foundation, Inc. (a registered 501(c)(3) organization) is primarily focused on raising funds online for the rehabilitation of children rescued from sex trafficking nationwide. 

Our focus includes being the advocate for children who cannot speak up for themselves and to educate our communities through Community Events, Social Media and Newsletter Campaigns. 

We are involved in collaborating with various organizations including, but not limited to our legislators, law enforcement, and rehabilitation resources here in the greater San Francisco Bay area and throughout the United States. 

Rehabilitation facilities staff and manage safe house(s) for these victims of sex trafficking.  These safe houses provide the necessary emotional, physical and medical support necessary to heal these rescued children. 


Our unique, but simple way to raise these funds:

Amazon, GoodShop & Groupon and Other Affiliate Programs.

EXAMPLE: Simply click the link above to be routed to or visit our SHOP NOW page from our site.

Once there, shop as you normally would. Because of your purchase, we are paid a commission. 


100% of our revenue that is earned from affiliate programs goes directly to the rehabilitation efforts of youth saved from sex trafficking.  It really is that easy! 


Of course, we have many ways for you to get involved! Please visit our Volunteer Page for more info!