Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do donations collected from One Bread Foundation, Inc. directly help youth/children in the sex trafficking industry?

The donations collected from One Bread Foundation, Inc. are directed to other organizations, such as ARM of Care, Claire's House and New Day for Children, where the victims are helped directly. Specifically, where they can obtain medical care, counseling, education in a safe and secure (non-disclosed) locations (referred to as Safe Houses).

At this time, we support ARM of Care through an annual donation which is distributed monthly.  However, we continue to explore new opportunities to raise and donate funds earmarked for Claire's House.  Additionally, we distribute funds to Claire's House and New Day for Children on a quarterly basis.

I feel overwhelmed by all the news on sex trafficking and sex slavery. How can I partner with One Bread Foundation, Inc. to help bring an end (or bring awareness) to this?

Here are a few simple ways.

  1. We have several volunteer opportunities.

  2. Use this link whenever you shop on

  3. You can donate directly here.

  4. Participate in One Bread Foundation, Inc. events and bring your friends and family.

  5. Share with others what you've learned and continue learning.

Is Rehabilitation of Sex Trafficking Victims the only area that One Bread Foundation, Inc. is focused on helping?

Presently, yes. In an effort to maximize our current effectiveness, we believe focusing our resources on this area is how we can best help.

What media does One Bread Foundation, Inc. use to educate the community?

One Bread Foundation, Inc. uses the Internet (e.g. blogs, our websites, Social Media, etc.), print media, and Community Awareness Events to educate the community.

What are One Bread Foundation, Inc. and Claire's House and New Day for Children’s affiliation?

Claire's House and New Day for Children staff and manage a safe house(s) for victims of sex trafficking. One Bread Foundation, Inc. is only one funding source for both Claire's House and New Day for Children. Both Claire's House and New Day for Children were nominated by one of our Board of Directors to be the recipients of our donations (i.e., via Affiliate Marketing Programs). There are many other organizations within California and across the nation who are in need of our financial assistance.

Why do the law enforcement agencies let the sex trafficking industry happen? How did it get so big so quickly?

Learn how Alameda County is addressing the problem by visiting a program of the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office. Access their H.E.A.T. Watch toolkit, a guide to combat human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children in your own community. Find resources, templates, information and more! Create your own H.E.A.T. Watch Program so you can build your capacity to hold traffickers accountable and keep victims safe.

How much does One Bread Foundation, Inc. receive from Amazon, GoodShop and Groupon when you shop through our link?

Many retailers offer Affiliate Marketing Programs such as the ones that One Bread Foundation, Inc. participate in. The percentage that One Bread Foundation, Inc. earns is based on web traffic generated to the affiliate sites and/or the use of banner ads, which result in consumer purchases.

PLEASE NOTE: All commissions (100%) earned by One Bread Foundation, Inc. from Amazon, GoodShop and Groupon, etc. are contributed to rehabilitation efforts for children.