Ignorance & Want


Ignorance and Want.  These are the enemies that Charles Dickens referenced in his famous Christmas Carole story.

Yet, there is an abundance of both right here within the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Our desire is to combat both, and recruit like-minded individuals.

St. Martin de Porres School is one organization that is combating ignorance and investing in our future leaders.  However, the goal of raising $600,000 for Tuition Assistance by June 30, 2014 is a necessity because their students living in North and West Oakland come from some of the poorest neighborhoods in the Bay Area.  The parents of these students, desire the best education for their children - just like you and I do for ours.

By the grace of God, this is our third year sponsoring the STMDP Soccer Program.  So, I am asking you to search your heart to determine what you can do.  If you cannot donate to either or our project, then at least shop with us to enable us to dedicate our profits to this worthy cause. Thank you.